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Welcome to NextGen Hockey

Hello there and welcome!

Over the last three years, a group of us over at CanucksArmy have been diving deep into the NHL Entry Draft, producing in-depth profiles on several rounds worth of draft-eligible prospects. This is something that CanucksArmy has become well known for, and for me personally it has become the time of the hockey season that I look forward to most. An increasing portion of my hockey-related workload became dedicated to the draft and its eligible prospects, until it came to be the only thing I studied and wrote about.

CanucksArmy has always been a good home for us, but we felt it was time to move our draft content for a numbers of reasons. First, our draft content isn’t Canucks-centric: it’s relevant league-wide, and we felt that it would be a good idea to have a place that focused solely on prospects, a place where fans from Vancouver to Montreal and Tampa to San Jose could read our material without wading through Canucks game recaps and trade breakdowns.

Second, it would allow us the freedom to be our own bosses, to be more creative and expansive, and we intend to use that freedom to host not just articles here, but databases of statistics, charts, and more.

Third, it would allow us to make the process more financially viable. The amount of time that we pour into not just writing and editing, but researching, studying, compiling, scraping, developing, etc. is enormous, and it came to a point where it became clear that we would either have to find a way to monetize the work that we were doing, or stop doing it altogether. And we really didn’t want to stop doing it – in fact, we’re looking to do the exact opposite and dig deeper than ever.

After months of planning (and years of discussion), we’ve finally made the move. This is NextGen Hockey, where we intend to provide the absolute best publicly available combination of statistical and video analysis for hockey prospects. I’m joined in this venture by Ryan Biech, who has built a draft analysis resume not just at CanucksArmy, but at Sportsnet, The Athletic, and more. Others who have contributed to the CanucksArmy profiles of years past, including Jackson McDonald and Harman Dayal, will be helping out here as well.

The extensive profiles that we became known for will be posted here, as will draft rankings, but this won’t just be about draft-eligible prospect profiles. We want to cover the whole gamut of drafting and development, from players just entering the radar of NHL teams to drafted players that are ready to step into the NHL, from single player deep dives, to positional rankings, to farm system analysis. From continuing to push development in draft analytics, to looking at new ways to approach scouting, to the mental aspects of developing hopeful teenagers into stars.

NextGen Hockey will be a subscription-based site, with an interest in providing the greatest possible value to you, the reader. Subscription options will become available as content hits the site (in the meantime, you can still join as a member); not everything will be behind the proverbial wall, but the profiles and many of the deep dives into draft and development will be. As we’re fully cognizant of the fact that NHL draft content peaks over a two-month period, our subscriptions will be yearly rather than monthly. That said, we have every intention of providing prospect content throughout the calendar year, so while the profiles may draw you in during May and June, you’ll be provided with new content for the remainder of the year without having to re-up your subscription until peak season approaches once again.

While we have big plans, you’ll notice that the site is a little barren to begin with – that will change in the near future. We are gearing up for another draft season, and a deluge of profiles and other content will be hitting this space in the coming months, leading up to the 2019 NHL Entry Draft, two months from today. The profile process will be a little different this season (more on that soon enough), but every bit as detailed.

Welcome to NextGen Hockey.

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    1. Our plan is $25.00 for a 12-month subscription, making us highly competitive in the realm of subscription-based draft and prospect sites and services.

  1. Looking forward to the new site fellas. Good on you starting something like this you so great work and the whole hcojey world should see it not just us Vancouver people.

    Not sure if I will be able to pay for the content with another subscription hockey site but we’ll see!

    Good luck guys!!

  2. With the draft coming up in Vancouver, perfect timing. Looking forward to your expanded analysis of the next young guns.

    I hope this is a start to a long and prosperous web site!!

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